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Abstract and Research Interests:

Alfredo Milani, is Associate Professor of Computer Science, and member of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of University of Perugia.
He received a Laurea in Science dell'Informazione from University of Pisa, Italy in 1987, his thesis was awarded by Olivetti Since 1987 he was research fellow at National Research Council Institute for Computational Linguistic, ILC-CNR, of Pisa Italy and professional consultant of University of Pisa. In 1990 he obtained the position of tenured reasearcher at Department of Matematics of University of Perugia. In 2001 he was appointed Associate Professor of Computer Science at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of University of Perugia.
His reasearch interests involves the area of Artificial Intelligence and focuses on automated planning and evolutionary algorithms, with applications to web based adaptive systems, image processing, and more generally knowledge based technologies.


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